Google Earth Engine

MapBiomas uses the technology of the GOOGLE EARTH ENGINE platform. We provide the scripts for access to the MapBiomas Chaco collection.

To access follow the following instructions:

  • With a Gmail account register in the Google Earth Engine Platform through the link
  • Within a few days you will receive authorization to access the platform.
  • Once registered in Google Earth Engine, enter and select the scripts you want to run.
  • Change the parameters to obtain the desired map.

We encourage the users of the MapBiomas scripts to send us their innovation suggestions so that we can constantly improve it.

Access to the Collection 2 MapBiomas Chaco in Google Earth Engine

The map collection of MapBiomas is available to access directly in Google Earth Engine, without the need to download or upload data. Below are the available products and their access IDs in Google Earth Engine:

Integrated final maps of Collection 2.

ID: projects/mapbiomas-chaco/public/collection2/mapbiomas_chaco_collection2_integration_v1

Toolkit to download the Collection 2 maps [Click here]

Transition maps (change of coverage or use) between selected years.

ID: projects/mapbiomas-chaco/public/collection2/mapbiomas_chaco_collection2_transitions_v1

Mosaic of Landsat images for each year of Collection 2.

Asset spread measures ID: [projects/mapbiomas-chaco/COLECCION-2/MOSAICOS/asset-coleccion-2-amp-v1]

Asset median measures ID: [projects/mapbiomas-chaco/COLECCION-2/MOSAICOS/asset-coleccion-2-median-v1]