About Mapbiomas

Other Initiatives

  • MapBiomas Brazil initiative presents data about land use and land cover in the brazilian territory, covering the period of 1985 to 2021.
  • MapBiomas Amazônia was created in 2017 in partnership with local institutions to produce annual land cover and land use maps for the entire Pan-Amazon region.
  • MapBiomas Trinational Atlantic Forest generates a historical series of annual maps of land cover and use in the Trinational Atlantic Forest.
  • MapBiomas Pampa Sudamericano is an initiative to generate a historical series of annual maps of land cover and land use in the South America Pampa.
  • MapBiomas Alert is a system of validation and refinement of alerts of deforestation, degradation, and regeneration of native vegetation with high resolution images.
  • MapBiomas Indonesia is the first initiative outside South America to use the methods of the MapBiomas collaborative network. Its Collection 1 presents 10 land cover and use classes, covering the period of 2000 to 2019.
  • The MapBiomas Peru presents land cover and land use data from 1985 to 2021 for the entire peruvian territory and its 4 biomes.