Who we are

MapBiomas Chaco is an initiative that emerges from a Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture to understand the processes of transformation in the Gran American Chaco from the annual monitoring of land use and cover. It includes governmental and non-governmental, academic and research institutions from Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.


  • Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuária
  • Asociación Guyra Paraguay
  • The Nature Conservancy

Coordination by country:

  • Argentina - Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria
  • Paraguay and Bolivia - Asociación Guyra Paraguay

Technical Collaboration:

  • Arcplan (Brazil)
  • MapBiomas Brazil coordination team 

Technological Collaboration:

  • Google
  • EcoStage

Institutional support:

  • Fundacion Vida Silvestre Argentina
  • WWF


  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

General Coordination – Santiago Banchero (INTA) y Fabiana Arévalos (Guyra Paraguay)

Technical Coordinator – Santiago Banchero (INTA) y Edder Ortiz (Guyra Paraguay)

Scientific Coordinator – Santiago Verón y Diego de Abelleyra (INTA)

Project Manager – Mario Barroso (The Nature Conservancy) and Arley Faria (The Nature Conservancy)

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The MapBiomas Chaco project is part of the MapBiomas Network that involves other land cover and land use mapping initiatives in Brazil, Indonesia, Pan Amazonia, Pampa and Bosque Atlântico. To learn more about the MapBiomas Network, visit http://mapbiomas.org. Also get to know the institutions that support and finance the MapBiomas network at: http://mapbiomas.org/quem-somos