From the Landsat mosaics, the classifications that result in land cover and land use maps are carried out for each year. Within the logic proposed by MapBiomas the maps will be updated every time there is an improvement in the classification algorithms. The classification methodology is dynamic and procedural, with the purpose of improving the classification of each typology.

Important: when composing a single mosaic or calculating statistics on maps it should be noted that:

  • The RGB color palette of each class is available in the file.
  • All data is in GeoTiff format and has LZW compression.

The most current MapBiomas Collection can always be accessed in these ways:

  1. Browsing online through the MapBiomas dashboard:
  2. Access the data asset in Google Earth Engine:
  3. Access the Toolkit:
  4. Direct download of the maps of land cover and land use from MapBiomas Chaco Collection 4 in GeoTiff format (one map per year)
  5. Example for the year 1985:

To download the maps of other years, just change the year at the end of the link. Available from 1985 to 2022.